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Welcome to Techo Bloc Pavers, available through NY Pavers. These pavers combine style and strength to elevate your outdoor areas. To create a modern yet traditional ambiance, Techo-Bloc Pavers offer a diverse range of options to enhance your outdoor spaces.
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Create Artistic Look with Techo Bloc Pavers

Techo Bloc Pavers offer unlimited prospects as tools for artistic expression. They can help you create landscapes that reflect your unique style. With their diverse range of colors, textures, and sizes, you can unleash your creativity. Use contrasting colors to create eye-catching patterns or mix and match textures to add depth and dimension. 

Incorporate different laying patterns like herringbone or basket weave for added detail. Whether you’re designing a sleek modern patio or a charming rustic walkway, Techo Bloc Pavers provide the perfect canvas for your artistic inspirations.

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Our Techo-Bloc pavers catalog has something for every unique design requirement. Explore the extensive range today to find the one that speaks to you and easily meets all your project needs.
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Trusted Techo Bloc Pavers Dealers in New York

NY Pavers is the authorized dealer for Techo-Bloc pavers in New York. We are a trusted source for high-quality pavers. With a commitment to delivering quality and ensuring customer satisfaction, we provide top-notch service and expertise to help you achieve your landscaping goals.

Benefits of Modern Techo Bloc Pavers

Techo-Bloc pavers bring a host of advantages for your outdoor spaces. Engineered to endure harsh weather conditions, they ensure long-lasting performance. The advanced designs of these pavers maintain optimal surface conditions, promoting comfort and safety for all outside activities. Whether you prioritize resilience, beauty, or versatility, Techo-Bloc pavers deliver dependable quality for your landscaping endeavors.

Saltproof Paver Strength

Techo Bloc Pavers are renowned for their salt-resistant strength. Unlike traditional concrete pavers, Techo Bloc Pavers are formulated to resist the corrosive effects of salt, preventing deterioration and extending their lifespan. The secret lies in their innovative manufacturing process, which incorporates high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques. 

These pavers specifically withstand exposure to salt used for de-icing roads and walkways during winter months. This salt-proof strength ensures that your outdoor surfaces remain unharmed regardless of the weather challenges they may face.

Environmental Pavers

Nicolock is committed to sustainability, offering environmentally friendly pavers that are both beautiful and eco-conscious. Our environmentally friendly pavers are made from recycled materials and designed to reduce runoff and promote groundwater recharge, making them an ideal choice for green building projects. There also is a balance in such Nicolock pavers pricing, making the deal not too expensive, neither for you nor for the environment.
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Prevent Paver Cracks

Techo Bloc Pavers utilize premium-grade materials and techniques to prevent paver cracks. High-quality concrete blends and aggregates are carefully chosen for minimizing weak points. Rigorous quality control measures during manufacturing ensure uniformity and consistency, further reducing the risk of cracks. Techo Bloc’s specialized jointing systems, coupled with proper base preparation distribute weight evenly. This creates a stable surface that resists rupture. The variety of paver styles and sizes also minimizes the risk of cracks, by providing the appropriate paver type for all the different projects.

Maintain Temperature and Moisture on Surface

Techo Bloc pavers are engineered to stay cool in hot weather and manage moisture effectively. They're made with materials that prevent them from getting too hot in the sun, keeping your outdoor space comfortable for lounging. These pavers also have built-in drainage systems that prevent water from pooling on the surface, reducing slip hazards and preventing water damage. Plus, their design promotes airflow underneath, which helps regulate moisture levels and prevents mold or algae growth. With Techo Bloc pavers, you can enjoy a safe, comfortable, and visually appealing outdoor space all year round.

Expert Techo Bloc Paver Installation Services in New York

Trust NY Pavers for expert installation of Techo Bloc pavers on your property. With 23 years of experience, our skilled technicians ensure precise and efficient installation at affordable prices. From planning to completion, we handle every step of the process, ensuring your outdoor space is transformed seamlessly with top-quality Techo Bloc pavers.

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